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Tenant Referencing

Our Referencing Analysts are thorough when they investigate potential tenants. Every detail is checked out to the best of our ability and both current Landlords AND employers will be investigated and contacted to ensure the applicants have been truthful on their application forms.

Once these details have been gathered and our analysts are happy with the results an on-line search will be conducted to check on linked addresses, CCJ’s IVA’s and Bankruptcy.  These results will be compiled into a report to be sent to the Landlord after no more than 3 working days.

Referencing operates under 3 difference services.  Bronze, Silver & Gold.

  • Bronze – Full investigation will be carried out but we will make no recommendation as to the suitability of the tenant.  We report only the facts that we find.
  • Silver – Full investigation will be carried out and we will make a recommendation as to the suitability of the tenant, but the Landlord is unsure if Rental Warranty is required.
  • Gold – Full investigation will be carried out and recommendation will be made on the assumption that Rental Warranty is definitely required.


Tenants will be assigned a group rating based on the risk they pose – 1 being Low Risk and 4 being High Risk.  It is possible that a guarantor OR the equivalent of 3 months’ rent to be HELD as a deposit may be required in order for a tenant to pass our criteria.

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When referencing your potential tenants, our analysts ensure they contact the correct people. We speak to them personally rather than relying solely on emails and faxes, which can be intercepted. After double checking every fact, we know if any attempt has been made to hide information that should have been disclosed.

We cover individuals and companies. Although dependent on the speed of the replies received; our Standard Service returns results within 3 days and our Express Service within 24 hours.

If the information has been slow or you are not satisfied, you can re-activate your reference (once, free of charge) for a further 3 day search period.

Our rates start from £30 per applicant and our face-to-face service simply cannot be beaten.

If you have ever had the misfortune to play the unwilling host to a non-paying tenant, or remove a nuisance squatter, you will know how much distress this can cause and how much it can cost in lost rent and legal fees.

There are plenty of good tenants out there – there is no need to be lumbered with the cost of a bad one.

By removing the risk – we remove the worry.  Once your tenant has been successfully referenced, we will provide SafetyLet® cover.

This removes the hassle and expense of problem tenants, ensuring you are not out of pocket should the worst happen. Our expert in-house team supply the following services at no extra charge:

• Provision of legal services
• Possession / Eviction
• Bailiffs
• Defence of Prosecutions
• Other disputes between Landlord & Tenant
• Legal advice on Landlord and Tenant matters
• Enforcement of Court Orders

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