rental warranty

Rental Warranty

Once tenants have been referenced, Landlord may wish to take out Rental Warranty, the price of which is based upon the Group Rating which our analysts assign to the tenant.  Multiple tenants will always be the same group rating – this means if one tenant is a higher risk than the others, the group rating will be higher for all tenants.

This removes the hassle and expense of problem tenants, ensuring you are not out of pocket should the worst happen. Our expert in-house team supply the following services at no extra charge:

  • Provision of legal services
  • Possession / Eviction
  • Bailiffs
  • Defence of Prosecutions
  • Other disputes between Landlord & Tenant
  • Legal advice on Landlord and Tenant matters
  • Enforcement of Court Orders


Read more about or Referencing and Warranty Services in the brochure linked below.

Read Rental Warranty Terms & Conditions.

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