SafetyLet provides a comprehensive service to landlords

Tenant Referencing

Rental Warranty

After the Event

SafetyLet also provides a full security checking service and management service.

SafetyLet is based in Bordon in Hampshire and operates across the UK.

Benefits of SafetyLet

  • Peace of Mind
  • Confidentiality
  • Experienced
  • Cost effective


Our Referencing Analysts are thorough when they investigate potential tenants. Every detail is checked out to the best of our ability and both current Landlords AND employers will be investigated and contacted to ensure the applicants have been truthful on their application forms.


Once tenants have been referenced, Landlord may wish to take out Rental Warranty, the price of which is based upon the Group Rating which our analysts assign to the tenant.  Multiple tenants will always be the same group rating – this means if one tenant is a higher risk than the others, the group rating will be higher for all tenants.


Our well established SafetyLet® Rental Warranty was first established in 1992 and remains the industry leader. SafetyLet ‘After the Event’ services are for those who experience problems but do not want SafetyLet Rental Warranty Protection.

This service is of particular interest when problems with referenced tenants occur but SafetyLet has not been procured, has lapsed or for claims outside of the SafetyLet terms and conditions.

We have been using SafetyLet since 1997 and have always found them to be extremely professional and friendly.  Rather than having to trawl the Internet, for us, it is extremely valuable to be able to talk to someone and to get the personal guidance essential for my business.  We have found the reference department to be efficient and rigorous in carrying out reference checks.
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