after the event insurance

After the Event Insurance

Our well established SafetyLet® Rental Warranty was first established in 1992 and remains the industry leader. SafetyLet ‘After the Event’ services are for those who experience problems but do not want SafetyLet Rental Warranty Protection.

This service is of particular interest when problems with referenced tenants occur but SafetyLet has not been procured, has lapsed or for claims outside of the SafetyLet terms and conditions.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Confidentiality
  • Full Legal Services package
  • Vale for Money
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Peace of Mind

Whether you chose our ‘Full Legal Services’ or our ‘Legal Advice’ package, our bespoke service eliminates the anxiety associated with Serving Notices, Drafting Papers, Preparation of Bundles and submitting Court Filings. Our in-house team are here to assist you and give you advice in order to achieve the swiftest possible resolution to your particular circumstances.


What comes into our office – stays in our office. We NEVER pass on your information to any third party.

Problem Tenants or Unexpected Event?

In the current economic climate, it is becoming common for Landlords to be housing unemployed tenants who were perfectly well suited at the start of the tenancy, but who can no longer afford to pay.

This causes strain on Landlords who have their own fi nancial obligations to meet.

Many ‘Events’ can occur which completely alter the relationship between Landlord & Tenant. Squatters may enter an empty premises; the Landlord may need his property returned due to fire, flood or damage within his primary residence, the Landlord may get married; have children; or just wish to reduce his portfolio.

It is of critical importance that the correct procedure is commenced at the outset to remedy the situation and minimise loss. This avoids the hazard of Counter Claims being made by the tenant for damages, harassment or illegal eviction.

Obtaining a Court Order for Possession is a lengthy and diffi cult process. Some rulings will be mandatory – some discretionary. Additionally, the Court might grant a Final Possession Order or a Suspended Possession Order – which requires a further breach prior to eviction.

Matters may be complicated further where there has been a Multiple Tenancy but one tenant has absconded or where there is a Guarantor involved in prior Money Order applications.

All of our services are in-house where possible and face to face.


Unlike the SafetyLet Rental Warranty, which is determined as a percentage of the rental income; ‘After the Event’ services require large amounts of work in a short amount of time.

Full Legal Services package

This is essentially an Eviction and Enforcement Service. We take the reigns of your claim, collate legal bundles, witness statements, draft and issue Statutory Notices, instruct Counsel to attend hearings where required, issue enforcement
proceedings such as Bailiffs, Attachment of Earnings Orders, Third Party Debt Orders or Charging Orders. We can also escalate claims to the High Court Sheriff where required.

Fixed fee + VAT + disbursements

Legal Advice package

Our legal team will be on the other end of the phone to guide you through all the options available and give the knowledge, help and assistance to conduct your own possession / Eviction / Enforcement.

Fixed fee + VAT

Please contact us directly for our legal service prices. We value human contact and welcome your enquiries.

After the Event Insurance Brochure

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